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Belgrade Airport

Belgrade Airport

Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade is the main gate to all travelers visiting Belgrade and Serbia. Located only 18 km from downtown Belgrade, it is the largest and busiest Serbian airport and the hub of Air Serbia, national flag carrier and the largest airline in the country. Belgrade Airport connects Serbian capitol city with all the major cities in EU. Air Serbia boasts a direct flight to New York from Belgrade Airport as well.

Terminals and services at Belgrade Airport

Belgrade Airport has two terminals adjacent to one another and connected through a hallway with 66 check-in counters ad 27 gates equipped with 16 jetways. There were two major renovations resulting in expansion of A-gate and C-gate departure & transit areas and jetways replacement, Terminal 1 interior overhaul and complete reconstruction of Terminal 2 arrivals and departure areas. Both terminals have a combined area of 33000 square meters.
Belgrade Airport offers single business class lounge, Business Club, a VIP Lounge used by both airlines and general aviation customers and Air Serbia Premium Lounge, open 24 hours a day for Air Serbia / Etihad Airways business class passengers and frequent flyer program members.
Airport security checks are located at gate entrances. All passengers must pass the passport control as there are no domestic flights.

Transport links

Belgrade Airport is connected to A3 motorway, a part of European route E70 via a nearby interchange. Car rental agencies, licensed taxi and bus services are available with expected trip duration between 30-40 minutes from the Belgrade downtown center. Airport car parking lot has a capacity of 569 parking places, located across the terminal building and operates 24 hours non-stop.

Welcome to Belgrade Airport

Belgrade airport, with the highly professional airport services and security makes tourist and visitor departures, arrivals and transitions a joyful and memorable experience. It is not one of the major global hubs and an ultra-modern architectural marvel – it is a cozy, warming and welcoming national airport with a sole purpose to make your trip become a thing of sweet memories and a trigger of a travelling desire. Welcome to Belgrade Airport and have a safe flight wherever you go.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017



Experience Belgrade from behind the wheel
You've just landed at Belgrade Airport with a firm intention to find your own bearings and enjoy the freedom of driving. It is a great idea to experience vivid life on the streets of Belgrade while driving a rented car so here are some useful tips and info which could be helpful in making a car rental at Belgrade Airport a memorable experience.

There is a long list of car rental agencies at Belgrade Airport such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Sixt, Thrifty, with offices located at international arrivals area at Terminal 2. List of offered cars is long, stretching from budget-friendly Toyota Yaris all the way to luxurious Audi A8, depending on visitor's plans and needs. Car hire rates are reasonable, vehicle cleanliness and counter stuff helpfulness are excellent according to published customer ratings which makes car rental car rentalat Belgrade Airport a good value for money.

Driving in Belgrade
Traffic in Belgrade reflects the capital nature of the city, local mentality and driving habits, as well as Serbia's economy under transition and hard times in the past. Basically, it's not very different to driving in any major European city but there are some traffic rules and enforcements that should be observed like general speed limit of 50 kph (31 mph), requirement for low beam headlights to be turned on during daytime, yellow lanes reserved for public transport vehicles and prohibited use of mobile phones while driving. Driving during a rush hour in Belgrade (8:30 - 9:30 AM, 4:00 – 6:00 PM) is not much different from the same experience in any other major city, driver's caution is recommended.

It is not always easy to find a parking spot in central areas of Belgrade, although there are always a good number of spots available in public garages. Parking is charged from 7AM to 9PM (Monday – Friday) and from 7AM to 2PM on Saturdays. Maximum duration of stay is 1 hour in red, 2 hours in yellow and 3 hours in green zone – there's no limit for parking in blue zones. Of course, make sure to park your car legally otherwise you'd risk having your car towed if spotted by the police.

Fuel prices
Fuel prices in Belgrade are a bit higher than the average world fuel prices, ranging from 1.18 EUR per liter of unleaded gasoline to 1.22 EUR per liter of diesel. All types of fuel including methane and LPG are widely available.


Car rental at Belgrade Airport is an opportunity to blend into what Belgrade really is. With proper information’s, familiarization and planning, it will be a wonderful experience. Belgrade is a great city, full of life and experiencing it from behind the steering wheel is time well spent. So don't forget to bring your driving license when coming to Belgrade next time.