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Top European destinations Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia having about 2 million inhabitants, it is also known as the gate of the Balkans, located at the mouth of the Sava and Danube rivers. Danube River is one of the most important European Waterway connecting the Western Europe with Central and South Eastern Europe.

Beograd, panorama
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and very important for countries economy, education and culture. The city have rich history and many discovered and undiscovered sites which attracts a lot of tourist. According the Tourist Organisation of Belgrade for the first 11 months on 20144 the number of foreign tourist was around one million

How to reach in Belgrade?

Belgrade can be reached by all possible means of transport, by plane, by train, by car, by boat, by bicycle... Here we  will mention just few of many possible reasons for visit this mysterious and beautiful city. 

1. Accomodation

You can find excellent accomodation palces suited for all pockets. There are number of
In city recognize the urgent need for new accommodation facilities and enhanced  construction of new hotels, hotels, as well as the renting of private well-equipped apartments for tourists. 

2. History 

Belgrade is very old city and has very tumultuous history that is lasting for more than 7,000 years. Centuries that have passed and left their marks which can be seen at every step in the architecturally and art. Some of the most remarkable parts of ancient Belgrade, which still "talk" about old times, can be found today. We can mention this the famous ancient site - Vinca, ana archaeological site  about 15 km far from the city, which is about 7000 years old where can see organisation of life in that period, with clearly defined streets, houses, gardens.

3. Monuments Like all old European cities, Belgrade also have evocative monuments that can live you breathless. Through monuments, tourists can hear his history. 

Just to mentioned few of many monuments in Belgrade. 

Monument Gardosh, Zemun Belgrade

The Millenary Monument Gardosh was erected in 1896 to mark the 1000th anniversary (896-1896) of the founding of the Hungarian state. As the southern-most town within Hungary's empire, Zemun was chosen as the site for the Millenary Tower, built on the site of its medieval fortress. Its position at the top of Gardos hill also provides visitors with a beautiful view back over the town center. From Gardos visitors can enjoy the broadest panorama of Zemun, its roofs and the church bell-towers
The House of Flowers

The House of Flowers and its accompanying museums dedicated to the memory of Josip Broz Tito offer visitors a glimpse into both the life and times of the man and his conflicted legacy.

The Victor Monument

This is maybe most recognisable Belgrade monument, is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the breach of the Thessaloniki Front.
Victor (Pobednik) monument, Belgrade, Serbia
Victor, Belgrade

The National Assembly
The National Assembly of Serbia is located in the city center of Belgrade, it was built in the Classical style with Renaissance elements, with rich interior (architectural and artistic) decoration, made by, at that time, most famous artists and craftsmen. This impressive building is one of the most important achievements of recent Serbian architecture.
Serbia, National Assembly
National Assembly (Skupstina)  

Street Knez Mihailova 

This the main pedestrian zone is under state protection as one of the oldest and most valuable architectural monuments containing a series of representative buildings and private houses built in the late 19th century’s.
Knez Mihajlova street, Belgrade, Serbia
Knez Mihailova street

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace was the home of King Alexander I and King Peter II. Today The Royal Palace is the home of Crown Prince Alexander and his family.

Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan Park
With impressive views over the Danube and Sava rivers, the Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together represent a cultural monument of exceptional importance, the area where various sport, cultural and arts events take place, and are fun and joy for all generations of Belgraders and numerous visitors of the city.
Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade, Serbia

Square Republic (Trg Republike)

The Square is a popular place for the young Belgrade’s to meet before going elsewhere to have fun. Actually, even those who do not know Belgrade very well, prefer the Square as an orientation point.

Skadarlija quater in Belgrade, Serbia

The old bohemian quarter of Belgrade dates back to late 19th and early 20th century, and its taverns and restaurants were (and still are) a meeting place for many of the greatest figures of the cultural scene of Belgrade and Serbia. Skadarlija offers vibrant spirit and unique atmosphere. Everyone who visit to Belgrade and not visited Skadarlija, is the same as it did not come.

Temple of Saint Sava

Temple of Saint Sava

This temple is the largest church in Serbia, and one of the largest Orthodox church in the World.

4. People in Belgrade 

The strongest impression of all visitors from abroad, are Belgraders themselves. As you walk through the city, you can see that the streets are alive and fool with people at any time of day. Residents of Belgrade are warm, cheerful, welcoming people who like to laugh, celebrate, relax and love to socialize with family and friends. Celebration and relaxation usually take place around the table at home and restaurantCitizens of Belgrade will help visitor to find his way around, and getting invitation for a drink or lunch from complete stranger in not completely unlikely. In Belgrade everyone wants to pay the bill.even unemployed.  The practice to divide the bill in Belgrade is strange thing. 

5. High octane nightlife

 Attractive destinations, wild parties that last whole night is Belgrade brand. Belgrade nightlife consist of festivals, parties, nightclubs, etc. In Belgrade, every night is Friday night. everyone is ready to party at all the time, dance all night, and go straight to work next day. it's really hard to resist the temptation when you know that on any given evening there are countless clubs out there full of young, people having so much fun. There are countless nightclubs, bars, cafes that stay lively into the late hours of the night. Very popular are "splavovi"-floating clubs situated on rivers. 

6. Dining diversity 

Belgrade has a lot to offer to hedonist who enjoys in food. Serbian cousin is a heterogeneous and have characteristics of the Balkans, Mediterranean, Turkish and Central European (Austrian and Hungarian) cousines. Meat, pastry, local vegetables dominate. The most popular dishes are: pasulj, prebranac, musaka, ajvar, paprikas, sarma, cevapcici (kebab), cheese pie - gibanica and many more. The best place to taste all this food are "kafane" (kind of tavernas) and restaurants
One of the most famous tavern in Belgrade called "?"
7. Art and Architecture
Belgrade's long and storied history is suggested by its architecture, which varies from Byzantine and Ottoman to neoclassic and romantic buildings in the older neighborhoods, and from Art Nouveau to brutalism and neo-Byzantine design in New Belgrade. The city has many theaters, museums, monuments and opera houses. We highly recommend  visit to one of many theaters, they are all excellent.

8.The incredible Belgrade's women
The unforgettable women in Belgrade are the soul of the city. Bewitching, provocative, unpredictable, irresistible... "Really" Belgrade girl invest in her look, work out regularly, use quality make up, visit beauty salon, and wears elegant and sexy clothes. Maybe they will pas you with the "nose in the air", but be sure that they size you up and cross-examined. These are just few of the many reasons to visit Belgrade, which is chosen by several tourist portals as one of the most interesting destination in Europe
Women in Belgrade
Belgrade's women

These are just few of the many reasons to visit Belgrade, which is chosen by several tourist portals as one of the most interesting destination in Europe
Belgrade sunset



  1. Belgrade is a great tourist destination with a lot of historical and cultural content, with really good places for having fun and plannty of interesting and quality restaurants. Accommodation offer of Belgrade in recent years increasing, so the number of tourists are more numerous.

  2. I live in Belgrade, but after reading texts like this I realize how wonderful it is!