Sunday, May 24, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about renting apartments for short stay in Belgrade

Apartmentsfor a short stay experienced tremendous growth in popularity in Belgrade. Its existence complete the offer of accommodation capacities, in addition to traditional capacities like hotels, hostels, camps. We listed some of most common questions that visitors asked.

Which is the period of renting apartments for short stay?

Apartments can be rented:
  • on a daily basis,
  • per day,
  • for a few days,
  • month and
  • a few months
Is it possible to prepare food in the apartment?

This is one of the main advantages of private apartments. They usually have fully equipped kitchen equipped with all necessary household appliances. Just to avoid misunderstandings, refrigerators are empty, but it is possible to arrange with owners to put some food before guest arrival

What about clean towels and bed sheets, how often they are changed?
Clean towels, bed sheets and blankets are understood. Usually, bed sheets are changed once a week, and towels can be changed as needed, but those can be renegotiated with the owners.
What about cleaning the apartments?
Guests can count on clean apartments before arrival. Additional cleaning while guest are staying can be arranged, but must be paid by guests.

Is it possible to invite friends in the apartment?
Of course, that is the main advantages of apartments before hotels and hostels.
Is there phone and internet connection in the apartments?
In most cases there is a phone and the fast internet connections, such as ADSL, wireless or cable internet.
Who will pay for any damages?
The guests are required to maintain the apartment, fixtures and installations and have to compensate damages they caused.
What happens if the guests lost the apartment key?
Cost of replacing locks and making new keys is on their behalf.
In most of the cases, pats are not allowed, but of course, owners are very flexible and arrangements can be make.
At what time guest can come and leave the apartments?
In any time! Flexibility is huge advantage, it is possible to arrange with the owners arrival in early mornings, of late night hours, often they wait guests and personally give them keys of the apartment. You can’t find that option with hotels. At the end of the stay, keys can be handed to the apartment owner or at the previously agreed place.

At the end, few words about payment
Payment is in most cases in advance, when guests takes the keys. It is possible to pay partially, but always in advance for the days ahead. Payments can be made in cash and credit cards.

What includes in the price of the apartment?
·         stay in the apartment
·         cleaning
·         overheads (electricity, heating, water, etc),
·         telephone in local net,
·         internet and cable TV