Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Best of Belgrade

Belgrade is a tourist destination, visited by increasing number of tourists every year. If you have decided to visit our capital and enjoy your stay, here's what you need to do to make your days spent in Belgrade remained in a good memory:

  • get informed about transportation
  • make a plan about things and destinations to visit

When it comes to accommodation, in Belgrade you can find a great number of apartments, hotels and hostels.

You can use public transportation, taxi, or rent a car. Car rental is probably the most optimal solution. Just make sure that your hotel room or apartment includes a parking lot.

What not to miss in Belgrade

It is not easy to give a concise answer to this question. What makes Belgrade widely known, certainly are: Kalemegdan Fortress, Knez Mihailova street and Skadarlija. But there is much more places, locations and attractions to see, to get a full impression of Belgrade and the people who live there.


We would like to introduce you with some less known way to pass through Belgrade.

Belgrade walking tours. These are walking tours through Belgrade, a journey through space and time. Whether you choose to meet Sweet Belgrade, or decide to start Tesla's footsteps, you will hear and learn about Belgrade from a bit different perspective. The programs last about two or three hours.

Panoramic sightseeing of Belgrade. Another very popular way to get familiar with the city - an open tourist bus tour through Belgrade. During the tour, you can use an audio-guide in Serbian, English, Russian, French and German. This way you will learn a lot of relevant and interesting information about the places that you visited.

Belgrade underground. Did you know that Belgrade under Belgrade's hiding more than a hundred caves, tunnels, passages, which are related to various periods of its history? From the Romans, the Turks over to the Austro-Hungarians - all of them have left some trace. The tour is organized in Serbian and English language.

Belgrade from the rivers. A wonderful way to explore the city from this perspective. Look at Kalemegdan that will stay in my memory, as well as sailing under Belgrade bridges. You will see the place where the Sava joins the Danube. They say that at this point you should make a wish. Also, you can book cruises and tours that offer dinner on boat, and even to spend a night in luxurious cabins.

Jevremovac Botanical Garden. Another place to rest and relax in the center of the city. It spreads on over 5 hectares, and here you can find over 250 species of trees and over 750 species of plants, not just from this region. Ten years ago in, a Japanese garden was settled in a part of this complex. It is furnished and equipped in accordance with the Japanese culture and principles of design. For many tourists, it is the most beautiful and most romantic part of the complex.

Japanese garden

Planetarium. Astronomical Society "Rudjer Bošković" organizes screenings in the planetarium at Kalemegdan. The perfect way to get acquainted with the stars and constellations, the movement of the celestial sphere and other objects. You can see how the sky above the southern hemisphere looks like, and also the stars that we can never see. Screenings are held on Saturdays and they last about an hour.

Instead of conclusion

These are just some of the interesting places that you can visit in Belgrade. If you would like to feel the true spirit of this city, you need to visit its parks, markets, the surrounding holiday resorts... To go to the cinema or theater, visit the Book Fair, Beer Fest or Bemus. Whether you enjoy active holiday, or you need a few days of peace and relaxation, you can find a suitable place for yourself.

Belgrade city market

It is a city rich in culture and history, and has much more to offer. One thing is we know for sure - only one visit won't be enough.

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