Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Categorization of private apartments in Belgrade

Definition of apartment

Apartment is a part of flat or house in which the tourists can stay, sleep, eat or independently cook their food. There are various apartments according size and quality so some kind of categorization and classifications is necessary.

intereior of luxury apartment

Procedure of categorization

Apartments can have from one to four stars, depending on the number of points obtained in the evaluation according to the standards prescribed by the competent authorities.

For categorization this elements are important:

  • the external appearance
More points are dedicated to apartments build with high-quality materials. Renovated buildings have more value than old buildings.

  • parking lots and garages
Parking in Belgrade, can be a very big problem. Apartments with 4 and 5 star must have parking place at the building in which the apartment is located. Other categories of accommodation do not have to have a secured parking for guests. However, in Belgrade you will find a large number of apartments that offer this possibility, whether it's a parking place in front of or possibility of parking in a nearby garage.

garage image
To have garage is very important for private apartment

  • Access to apartments
Access to the apartment entrance and must have secured outdoor lighting. In addition, for two or more stars, entrance to the accommodation unit must be from a separate corridor or hallway.

  • guests receiving
Person who speaks at least one foreign language should receive guests, and it is very important to be very nice, kind and friendly person. “Guests are always right” should be motto.

  • Size and equipment
The minimum area that flat must have in order to be categorized as an apartment is 26 m2. From 19 m2 to 25 m2 is classified as studio.


Equipment and feature of apartments are regulated by some standards and requirements: number of beds and pillows, number of outlets, techniques (air conditioning, TV, Internet), to details such as a sewing kit and a printed notification of the facilities and services which are available to guests.
In the kitchen every apartment should have: sinks with hot water, fridge, stove, extractor fan, kitchen cabinets, dishes and pans, cups, plates and other accessories, dining table and chairs according to the number of beds, dustbins, tablecloth, napkins ...
In the bathroom must be a tub or shower cabin with curtain. Apartments with two or more stars have to provide additional hair-dryer, shampoo and bath, extra towels and toiletries.
Apartments who want to get three or four star, would have to provide: change of linen upon request, first aid kit, iron, accommodation for pets

  • Quality of furniture and equipment in the flat
There are three quality categories:

Quality of furniture in the apartment can significantly contribute to its value

        standard with one to three stars - have standard equipment, for apartments
        first class  4 stars - apartment is equipped with furniture of small series and aligned with the interior
        exclusive 5 stars - have luxurious furniture which brings additional points in the evaluation of apartments

Apartments in Belgrade generally are luxuriously furnished, and there is an obvious effort by their owners to offer good service to the visitors in order to be satisfied and have positive impressions. Of course the price depends of classification, if apartment is on higher category and has more stars, the price will be higher