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Attraction and sights in Belgrade which have to be visited

Belgrade has many attractions and site sights which are not typically grouped in the center of the city. In this text we can mention some of them worth of visiting.

Belgrade Fortress - Kalemegdan is one of the largest preserved fortresses in Europe. Fortress was built by the Romans, and its present appearance is characterized by excellent appearance and preservation and fantastic views over the Sava and the Danube. In this complex are placed several museums and restaurants, fortress is surrounded by Kalemegdan Park, on of the largest parks in Belgrade
kalemegdan fortress
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Pedestrian zone in the center of the city. Near the old fortress and park Kalemegdan is the pedestrian zone with very vivid and famous streets: Knez Mihajlova, King Milan Street, Terazije, Scadarlija with its famous tavernas, Cika Ljubina, Dorcol district, Republic Square,  with many old and famous buildings, numerous shops, cinemas, clubs, bars, bookstores, theatres (as National Theatre) and other interesting places.

Knez Mihajlova street Belgrade
Knez Mihajlova street

Promenades along the rivers 

Promenades are along Sava and Danube rivers, and are connected over bridges. The entire right bank of the Sava River from Ada to the confluence of the Sava and Danube continues along the Danube with a total length of over ten kilometers. A large number of bars and nightclubs are located on this route. At the left side of river Sava is Sava Quay, Novi Beograd. In contrast to the right bank of the Sava River (next to the old part of the city) where there is no interruption in pedestrian track in New Belgrade there are two separate quay - smaller, across from Ada, and far greater, which passes under the bridges on the Sava and is connected with the Danube quay in Zemun. The other half is perhaps the most beautiful part of Belgrade, with a handful of clubs and restaurants, and all along the road stretches bike path. People walk, ride bicycles, skates etc

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St Marko Church, Belgrade
St Marko Church
 Park Tasmajdan is beautifully arranged garden with lots of flowers, trees and greenery. This place is the perfect place to relax in the very urban center and is the meeting place for young people because several universities are at the neighborhood. Near the park is situated St. Marko's Church, the swimming pool and plenty of bars and shops. From Tasmajdan park starts one of the most famous streets in Belgrade Bulevar of King Aleksandar, extra-long boulevard with alleys of plane trees, and small and not so small shops of all types, great pastry shops and restaurants

Taasmajdan park
Taasmajdan park

Gardosh hill, Zemun
Gardosh Zemun
Zemun. Although now an inseparable part of Belgrade, Zemun was a special place with its own history and development. While Belgrade was under Turkish rule from the 15th century to the early 19th century Zemun was under the Habsburgs, and have quite central European look and architecture. Zemun is particularly known for Gardos hill - interesting historical attraction, Lido beach, and its excellent fish restaurants at the Danube bank.

Ada Ciganlija. Ada is the biggest river island on Sava with artificial lake. It is popular place especially during the hot summers when more then 100 000 residents and tourists visits its several kilometers long beach. Also there are dozens of cafes, bars, restaurants and sports facilities. This place is live at the night same as at daylight.

Ada Ciganljija during summer

Belgrade markets (or pijace on Serbian). Belgrade markets (just to name few: Kalenic pijaca, Bajlonijeva pijaca, Palilusla pijaca  Zeleni venac, Vidikovacka pijaca etc) are  vibrant places with special spirit.   Some of them are dating back more than a century, where producers of the organic vegetables and fruits but also other products, from cakes to meat products, from wider and closer area of Belgrade, sell to the residents. Who wants to experience the true spirit and everyday life of Belgrade residents, must visit one of Belgrade s markets on Saturdays or Sundays.

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Kosutnjak. Kosutnjak is a large forest park in the southern part of the citywith elevation of 250 meters and covers 330 hectares of evergreen and deciduous forests, meadows and recreation sites. Kosutnjak is a ”lungs” of the city”, with many uphill and downhill’s, lot of tracks and jogging trails, sports playgrounds, restaurants nested in the forests.  People who needs peace and serenity goes to Kosutnjak.


If you know other place in Belgrade that deserve to be on this list,  place be free to name it in coments