Saturday, July 11, 2015

How much cost life in Belgrade

Belgrade and Serbia are one of the cheapest places in the Europe to travel and stay a while and experienced those special and unique spirit of them.

Serbia is the small Balkan country you’ve probably never heard of, but who has lot to offer to visitors. This is a country with beautiful mountains, spas, rivers and creeks, monasteries, cute towns you will love to visit once you see them in pictures. Special story is its jewel in the crown - the capital of the state -Belgrade
Beautiful Serbia
There are two main reasons for European tourist to visit Belgrade and Serbia:

1. it’s unbelievably beautiful and charming
2. it’s ridiculously affordable.

We will mention something about second reason

The average wage in Serbia is around 300 Euros a month. It is obvious that the accommodation costs can’t exceed that amount. For a decent one-bedroom apartment in center of Belgrade you should pay as much as 220 Euros a month. Outside of the center the prices of accommodation is even cheaper. The average monthly utilities would not exceed 80 Euros which includes electric, heating and water. The visitors can rent a private apartment for shorter or longer stay for  just of 20 euros per person per day. except that they are cheap these apartments are very comfortable, cozy and quiet
Belgrade at night
Belgrade at Night

Eating Out
In Serbia you will get for very cheap prices a lot of good food. Eating out is very affordable. Serbians love having “burek” and other products from bakery with yogurt for breakfast, which costs no more than 2 euro for both. Restaurants, taverns and bars are not only a local’s favorite place for socializing but are also very easy on the pocket. 
Grill in Serbia

A nice three course meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you 10-15 euro. For that price you will get salad, soup, bread, main meal with lot of meat and desert. A glass of wine is up to 2 euros, bottle of beer is 0,6 to 1,5 euro depending of place where you buy it.  Of course there are very expensive fancy restaurants but they are not for this text.
traditional serbian food
Full experience - try Serbian food
Belgrade has several options of transportation means to choose from. One-way tickets in public transport usually cost around 0,8 euro. If you’re staying for a while a monthly pass costs around 25€.
Taxis in Serbia are also very affordable, for a 15-minute drive they will charge you no more than 8-10 Euros.  To rent a car you will pay from 20 to 30 euros depending of class of the car and length of lease.
You can even buy vehicle – used vehicle, depending how old is, can be 1200 to 1500 euros. The cost of running a car by European standards is fairly cheap, liter of gasoline is around 1 €.
Night Life in Belgrade
People in Belgrade love to have long coffee breaks with friends. Price of coffee is 1 euro. They also love things like visit the cinema, which costs around 3 to 5 euros, or visit one of many theatres in Belgrade for little higher prices of 5 to 10 euros. Belgrade’s residents  know how to parting. The clubs and bars (splavovi)  are full every night and on Fridays and Saturdays it’s almost impossible to find a seat. If you want to experience the Belgrade’s nightlife you should budget around 10-20 euros per night. It worth  every penny, believe me.