Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why to Stay in an Apartment?

Visiting Serbia is always a good idea. Natural beauty, clean air, tasty food... Either you decide to see country side, or it's capitol - Belgrade - you can count on a holiday to remember.
Belgrade offers many things to see, a lot of places for picnic, sightseeing, restaurants with Serbian specialties... But, first of all, you have to find a place to stay.

Accommodation in Belgrade

In Belgrade, you can choose between:
  1. hotels
  2. hostels
  3. apartments

It depends on your travel budget, but also on your way of life, and a purpose of your trip.

Hotels offer comfort, neat, air-conditioned rooms. Cleaning is on a daily basis, and you can count on TV, WiFi and minibar. Also, friendly stuff with a knowledge of English and probably another foreign language.
In the other hand, you are limited on a small room, and you have to eat in a hotel or some other restaurant.


Hostels are known as a kind of accommodation that suits best to the young people. You can never know who will be your roommates. If you are looking for adventure, new friendship, or traveling with a lot of friends, you could consider hostel. But, if you are looking for a peaceful holiday to enjoy, it would be vise to skip it.

Belgrade apartments

Apartments offer you the opportunity to plan a perfect holiday. You will get comfort, safety and intimacy, just like in your own home. This is a big plus if you are on a family trip.
Private apartments in Belgrade have an equipped kitchen and all necessary appliances, so you can prepare your meals, coffee, and other refreshments.

Also, you can count on
  • equipped kitchen, with basic devices
  • free WiFi or high speed cable net
  • cable TV
  • air conditioner

If you are traveling by car, or planning to rent a car in Belgrade, be sure to find apartment with parking lot.
Depending on purpose of your trip, there is a large offer of apartments in every part of the city - center, New Belgrade, Kalemegdan, Dorcol...

You can find an apartment that perfectly fits you. They can be single room, or with one, two or even three bedrooms. Single room apartment is suitable for two persons, and one-bedroom apartment for four or five people. If you share the renting costs, and with some internet research, renting can cost you less then 15 eur per person.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages - you have to clean apartment and to make a bed. But, also, you can enjoy your coffee on a balcony, prepare healthy meal from vegetables that you bought on a local green market... 
You can live just like a Belgradian for a few days, and it could be a great experience and wonderful memory!