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Belgrade is a big city, and his citizens have huge distances to overcome every day. They travel to work, to go school or college, for shopping, to meet with the friends etc. From one end to the other distances can be more than 15 kilometers. Numerous tourists who wants to visits all sights and sites that are scattered around the city, also needs transport. They look for the most comfortable and fastest transport from their apartments where they are stayed, to remote places in the city.

What kinds of transportation means are available?

Own car

Most comfortable way for commuting is with own vehicle. Drivers are not depending on the timetable of public transport, have great autonomy of decision making and organizing their time. Weaknesses of this method are traffic jams (Belgrade’s streets are not big enough for receiving so many vehicles), lack of parking spaces and traffic culture of drivers. Therefore, you need a lot of nerves and patience. Most of the tourists do not come here by car so it needs to cope with other kinds of transport.

map of public transport Belgrade
Public transport in Belgrade - lines

Public transport

sightseeing bus in BelgradeThis is the cheapest way to travel through the city (especially as the majority of citizens do not pay at all their tickets). Public transport used by about half a million passengers every day, and city have around 1200 vehicles, you can estimate whether this is enough. 

This situation can be seen for best during the summer months, when most of the people are on holiday and absent from the city, but transport cannot be better. However, when all will return during fall and winter begins collapse, crowds on buses and trams, delays, nervousness... tourists have option to see Belgrade at open double-decker bus that is used for organized sightseeing.


The taxi has its advantages, but it has also major drawbacks. The most evident: they are too expensive, and most of the people cannot afford their services on a daily basis. Big blow to the reputation of taxi drivers are so-called "illegal" taxi drivers. The ride with them can cost you cheap but it could be several times more expensive, it all depends on how well you know the city and how much you are good at bargaining.

Rent a car

Car rental agencies have significantly reduced their prices and are now more or less. The advantages are that you can choose a good and a new car that meets your current needs, car can be booked online, etc. But you have to look for parking and to get through the Belgrade crowd, like everyone else,


This is the healthiest and most natural way to travel through the city. Depending on the physical strength of rider can be cross more or less kilometers. On the other side, Belgrade is not a "bike friendly" city, there is a

image of riding a bike
Riding a bike in one of Belgrade's park

very few safe bike lanes, drivers are not used to cyclists and riding a bike can be very dangerous. Besides these drawbacks, is evident that every year more and more people choose cycling as their choice for traveling, and tourists who did not come with their bikes, at their disposal are shops that rent bikes.

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  1. You have to choose a good located apartment, if you don't want to use transportation in Belgrade. If you will use a car during visit, then an apartment with a parking lot is a must.