Monday, September 28, 2015

Problems with renting apartments

The owners who have business in tourism and rent their  private apartments often have to deal with some problems like fake owners that offer their apartments and take their profit. How they do it?

Internet - opportunity and threat

Internet and global access to information, has made a huge step forward to offer accommodation facilities to visitors, and eased the visitors search and finding the optimal location and reasonable price for accommodation. But on the Internet is lurking a danger.

Some people offer other people's capacities as their own, often taking money in advance. This is pure online crime and very dangerous scam in which directly are harmed users, guests, and renters, and indirectly services, owners agency, portals and web sites, ie. specialized services that loose credibility and trust. We all know that credibility and trust are very important in industry of tourism. Those frauds can be happens in famous global services such as, Airnb, HolidayLettings, Tripadvisor, House trip, as well as the local portal. Online frauds are faithful companion of the virtual world, and particularly are vulnerable sites which don’t have accurate information’s, and do not ensure and check them more thoroughly.

Virtual Advertising

Internet is so spread out that almost all of us bought, sold, commented, assessed something on line. Those people who want to make frauds on the Internet have considerable leeway and some proven ways to attempt fraud. First they opens a public e-mail accounts with false information, then registers on specialized sites for advertising with that e-mail, and at the third step, advertise other people's property, as their own. No too much math, just superb insolence and criminal behavior that is very difficult to trace.

You can imagine the feeling of the owners when saw how their own properties are offers without authorization from some strangers. The only thing in this case is left is to immediately report abuse to the police and authorities, as this is often the only way to come to the cheaters and prevent further abuses.
The web portals and agencies stated that is impossible to check every offer they receive for advertising. However, larger and more professional agencies have more developed procedures of checking the advertisers, and frauds are much rarer. Smaller sites, portals do not have resources and times for checks, which can be very tempting for hackers.

How to avoid this kind of problems?

        The first suggestion is that the owners of the internet sites and portal have to search for prove and evidence (copies of categorization, account numbers or other data), and have to develop a system of protection. In this way, visitors and potential users could see the official data on the advertiser.
        Some services for the booking of accommodation, such as Airbnb, who are aware of the frauds on the Internet, ask from the guest to pay the entire amount of the reservation in advance, and the corresponding money sent to the owner only after feedback from the customer. This mechanism is almost ideal protection for all participants in the chain. The guests are protected from false information’s, if apartment was not as he had seen on the web, may seek and obtain a refund.
        Those who wish to use the services of web advisers and portal should check the experiences of others with that site. These sites allow commenting and posting ratings and reviews from others guests and travelers, it is worthwhile to read the same and find out what you be expected. Owners can use GoogleAlerts to monitor the advertising of their own accommodation through this service.
        The recommendation is worth gold. As in many other areas, as well as in the business of renting apartments, the recommendation is something that many people like to hear and to get it, in order to reduce uncertainty and risk. Involvement of proven  agency for renting apartments will save time, nerves  and money.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why reputation on the Internet is important for renting apartments?

The first step in the journey begins with choosing destination. After that, something the majority of tourists devotes most of his time and attention - finding accommodation. One of the most important things in deciding is category of hotels or apartments. However, with the development of the Internet and global networks, perhaps even greater importance have impressions of guests who have already stayed in that accommodation. Today is very easy to comment, either positive or negative, and it remains written on the net and always available.

Guest impressions

People love to hear others' travel experiences, to see pictures, hear the impressions and recommendations. Not long ago, mostly other people, acquaintance, friends, or relatives did tell these experiences and stories. Today the situation is vastly different. People uses Internet, there are lot of portals, forums, blogs which are dealing with themes of traveling and tourism. They encourage people to share their impressions, to assess a destination, agency, hotels restaurants or apartments. And people use such opportunities with pleasure. They praise what is good, or warn on the negative side. For each destination, you will find recommendations for accommodation or restaurant that you should not skip, and a warning of what should be bypassed in a wide arc.

Such comments are, of course, quite subjective, but many agree that the personal experience is still more objective than the prospect of travel agencies. In this content, which users create online, owners of accommodation cannot directly influence. They have to focus in obtaining comfortable, clean and well-appointed apartment, which guest will praise and go back there again.

Take the initiative

What people involved in tourism can do for themselves and their business, is to actively participate in the creation of viral content. Every restaurant, hotel, apartment that wants to be competitive on the market must provide:

        good internet presentation (web site)
        online reservation system
        active participation in social networks - facebook, instagram, twitter
        rapid responses to inquiries and comments of guests

They have to try to make good photographs of their premises, because good pictures attract attention, likes and comments. It is important to interact with as many possible visitors on social networks, to answer their questions, comments and criticism. The only thing you must never do is to delete the comments you do not like. Instead, try to repair the service or promotion that guest was not satisfied. Be up to date, reply to emails, you show that you care.

What should not be done?

Embellish reality, uses Photoshop for photos, excessive use of superlative epithets. This approach quickly and easily could be negatively affected, because when people once realize that what is in the shop window is not even close to what you get in the store, shall cease to come. The tourism industry can not rule that any advertising is good, on the contrary.

Importance of internet community and reputation

Online community brings advantage, benefits and opportunities In one place, there are a lot of comments and feedback's, each of which can serve as a good business advice: what satisfied guest and what not, what is good in your offer, what attracts them, and which segment of business should be change or improve. With properly listening of the wishes and needs of guests, owners can always be one-step ahead of the competition.

The importance of online reputation in tourism is recognized by World Tourism Organization, who is considering introduction of this element for categorization of tourist services. Therefore we ought to follow trends and keep pace with the times and new features that brings the development of science and technology.