Sunday, August 16, 2015


Belgrade is a respectable tourist destination

Belgrade is visiting by many tourist and visitors. In 2014, 1,200,000 tourists both foreign and domestic visited the capital of Serbia and this year that number will be higher. Traditionally Serbia and Belgrade mostly are visited by Slovenians, Croatian, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Arab countries. There are plenty of reasons to visit Belgrade, from sightseeing and enjoying in excellent food and drink, great fun, and so on.
Tourist workers have to find adequate accommodation for these visitors. What can Belgrade offers?

The accommodation facilities in Belgrade

The accommodation capacity of the city of Belgrade consist of a number of

Private apartments

The huge popularity in recent times has private apartments. According to the data of Tourist Organization of Belgrade, the city has about 500 apartments for a short or long vacation, but this figure is difficult to verify, probably there are more. They can be rented for a longer and a shorter period. They are comfortable and tastefully furnished apartments who offered all possible comfort and peace. The good thing is that guest can avoid crowds in the hostels and hotels, and the time of renting is very flexible, from several hours to several days. Private apartments are cheaper, offers better comfort, safety and intimacy; guest should feel as they are at home. They can cook, wash their clothes, they can chose location, (private apartments are situated all over the city) and save money for transportation cost. Booking and payments can be made on-line.


According to the latest data of the Tourist Organization, in Belgrade  exist around 61 hotels. Hotels a ranged by categories, from 1 up to 5 stars. Some will think that it is more than sufficient, but experts in the field believe that there is room for more. In particular, there is a lack of luxury hotels with more stars. In recent years are build a few luxury hotels like Crowne Plaza, Falkensteiner, Hotel Allure Caramel, Hotel Atera, Radison Blu hotel Holidey Inn, Zepter Apart Hotel. Those hotels poses a high level of standards and luxury for visitors.


Those with little less deep pocket have access to hostels. There are around 90 hostels but opens new almost every week. Hostels are less comfortable and less luxurious, but they are cheaper. Hostels are visited by young backpacker who travels and explore new places, students, visitors of concerts and other cultural events. They can sleep for just 5 euro’s, rest a little and continue their trip. Also a lot of new friendship can be made on this places.

iamge of one hostel
Hostel room - Belgrade


Belgrade does not have enough camps that the city of this size should have. The reason for this is weak domestic demand, foreigners who are most used to camps, can not fulfill capacities that are considered sufficient to make it operate with a profit.

What to expect in the future?

Interest in Belgrade as a tourist destination is expected to grows each year so that these capacities for accommodation that we mentioned will certainly not be sufficient, so that the growing need require new investments to new facilities for all categories. Because of its advantages, as well as the significantly lower required investments, we expect that private apartments will grow with the biggest rate and success.