Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Belgrade Apartments

Current situation on the market

Accommodation in apartments in Belgrade

We have already written about how Belgrade, as a tourist destination is important in the region and about its growing popularity in Europe. Old and new hotels aren’t fulfilling the need of guest accommodation in our capital. Looking up to the other European cities, hotel business in Serbia has evolved into something a bit different, such as renting apartments in resident buildings.

Those apartments can be single room, double room, three or four rooms.

The number of tourist is growing every year, which is the only and the best indicator of the growth in tourism in our capital city.

Advantage of the accommodation in apartments in Belgrade

The advantage of renting an apartment in Belgrade are superior the ones of hotels in Belgrade. The guests in apartments get the ability to feel the pulse of Belgrade more intensely. They are able to pick a location where they want to stay: at business-oriented, workaholic parts of Belgrade, or at the apartments that are located close to the popular clubs and bars. Numerous restaurants and food services offer a huge gastronomical diversity. It certainly is an advantage the possibility that depending on the accommodation capacity of the apartment guests to be placed in a:

  • one single room – two persons, 
  • two bedroom apartments – up to four people and all up to twelve people. 

It is possible to rent an apartment for a day, a week, a month, or whatever suits the guest.

Apartment locations in Belgrade

Most apartments for renting are situated in the old core of the city. The apartments that are usually rent are single room apartments for two persons, double room apartments that are usually rented are single room apartments for two, double room apartments for up to four people, and then multi room apartments for up to twelve people. Lately, New Belgrade is imposed as a stronger business, trade and leisure center in the region, therefore renting apartments in this part of the city has become much more popular and attractive. In many newly built, modern buildings it is also possible to rent a single, double or multi room apartments.

 Apartments in Belgrade – equipment

Every apartment in Belgrade, be it single room, double room or three rooms, has to pass through categorization, which means that it has to fill some standards and terms in order to make the guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

Standard equipment includes:

  • cable TV, 
  • air conditioning devices, 
  • free WIFI, 
  • a kitchen equipped with basic elements and devices, 
  • bed sheets and towels changed in proper terms. 

Some apartments include a parking lot.