Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Belgrade apartments for short term rent

Belgrade, one of the biggest cities on Balkans, represents, due to its geographical position, unavoidable destination. Number of foreign tourist, businessmen and other visitors coming to Belgrade is increased in past years. Reasons for visits are various, tourism, business, family visits, medical treatments etc. In order to make the best from their stay, it is crucial to obtain adequate accommodation in Belgrade.

For the accommodation of tourists in Belgrade there are numerous:

  • hotels,
  • hostels,
  • apartments.

Nowadays, however, there is more popular alternative-apartments for short term rent called Daily Rentapartments. Service considers renting a fully equipped apartment for one day.

Most frequent costumers of the Daily Rent services

  • The most frequent consumers of the Daily Rent services are guests coming to Belgrade for business. Regardless if they are coming from within the country or from abroad, they all need confortable accommodation. After hard working day, accommodation in Daily Rent is something that will provide full pleasure. Some companies are more in favour of providing for their staff level of comfort that is beyond the one provided by hotel accommodation. If people are visiting Belgrade for congress, fair, concert, sport manifestations, Daily Rent is a perfect solution.
  • Daily Rent is service also used by those who are in transit through Serbia. If you arrived to Belgrade in late evening hours and your next flight is next day, you can find accommodation at New Belgrade. In situations like that one, location of the apartment is crucial in order to enable you to have time to rest well and continue your traveling totally refreshed.
  • Young people from different places within Serbia are coming to Belgrade for passing the entrance exams for Universities or secondary schools. For those who cannot complete their tasks during the day, Daily Rent is best solution for spending the night in fabulous Belgrade. Comfort and peace, provided by the apartments, is also beneficial for students coming to Belgrade for passing the exams throughout the year.  It is also important to take in consideration the fact that price of renting the apartments is lower that price of rooms in hotels. Very often students are coming to Belgrade accompanied by parents, brothers, sisters, and in those situations this kind of accommodation is much better choice, not only price wise but also due to the comfort that it offers. 

If you are in need for short-time accommodation because of some medical examination that you can complete only in Belgrade, Daily Rent is the most convenient solution for you.

Having in mind that those situations are very stressful for both, patient and the whole family, in Daily Rent apartments you will find your peace and opportunity to relax.
You will be able to prepare your favorite meals, coffee, to have a good rest and it is much easier to find suitable location of the apartment than any other type of accommodation.

Belgrade is center of many events. People are visiting capital for a day or overnight for different occasions:

  • Concerts of many world stars
  • Cinema and Theatre premiers
  • Book fairs, car shows, furniture fairs, etc.

How to attract guest to rent Daily rent apartments

If you are renting apartment using Daily Rent approach, try to offer something different than others.
The most important is that interior is clean, confortable, peaceful and providing warm atmosphere. Perhaps we can tolerate in our private apartment some dust but in Daily Rent apartments that is not acceptable. Hygiene is top priority for this type of apartments.
Fruit basket (or candy/chocolate box) as a sign of welcome will be always appreciated by the guests.
For the guests who are not arriving by their own transport, be ready to provide transport or at least recommendation for RENT-A-CAR or taxi services.
Consider providing some kind of gift for the guests, that they will take away and keep it as a memory for the stay in your accommodation.
Frequent guests could be offered discount in booking of the accommodation.

What you need to know before booking

If you are renting Daily Rent accommodation, you should have in mind that rent for one night only, is higher, so you should check the price before booking. Check the offer on the web sites of the agencies that are having in their offer Daily Rent services, read the comments of the guests, and that should provide you with useful guidelines on quality of the accommodation as well as make easier search for the most suitable one.


Daily Rent apartments in Belgradeare the most favourable type of accommodation. Renting apartments known as Daily Rent type service is recognised as:
high quality level of service,
professional attitude towards guests and
focusing that comfort, while you are staying in Belgrade, remain at the level of which you have at your place of residence.